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Friday, October 8, 2010

African Turtle Cleave y0y0

We facerolled our way up to 2293 this weekend, will play some more tomorrow and try to snipe some points for Gladiator rank

Since we started this week i dont think we will make it, but its rly fun to play and i hope the rest of you enjoy the rest of the season as much as I'm doing atm.

Armory link for the ones interested:

Keep visiting frequently, Gal out for now!


  1. i decided to stop playing wow cuz its so addicting nad made me have no life haha soo i casually play cod and stuff now but nice to see theyres still people into like i used to be

  2. you need to face roll more =D

  3. Hope everything goes according to plan!

  4. Thanks for the comments on my last blog post!

  5. Thanks very much, its very nice topic, this was the one I am looking for. Thanks again

  6. I just got done with my GTL session this morning, and I was amused by your post

    keep up the solid work!

  7. good job here!

    you just inspired more bubbles on "Enhanced by MS Paint"... check it out!

  8. this post made me open my eyes and stop squinting!!!