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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Future Blog Content

I've decided to have a focus on world of warcraft in my blog to make it easier for me to write interesting blog content for my followers and viewers.

I feel like sharing how i make my gold, a couple of not so well known way to do good dps in raids and why its good and bad. Raid setups for 10 and 25 to make it easier for you to organize your own raids or help out even if you are only a member/raider in your guild/pug

I have done some PvP in wow and i will dump a few macros and basic tactics about arena, rating and battlegrounds. This will not be my biggest focus but i sometimes get the need to write and pvp is a part of what i enjoy when i play warcraft.

Addons, keybinds, how to reduce ping and much more to come as soon as i have spare time to work on my blog. Until then i wish you all good luck with your own game and keep checking my blog for updates!

To make my tactics and ideas more convincing i will also make an introduction post about myself and the characters i play. I havent achieved a lot of great things in wow. I have gladiator but never rank 1 in any brackets. I'm not in the best guild there is either but i think i have a good understanding of world of warcraft and daily i help dousins of people to improve their gameplay.

1 comment:

  1. my grandmarshall character from pvp in the long long agos was a hunter named lormac lol i love hunters glad too see a fellow hunter bro