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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Bane of the Fallen King Yeah!

After a few weeks we grabbed some people from the guild and got Bane of the Fallen King!

The fight is realy easy and for newcomers it only takes a little time to learn shadow traps, defiles and the inside room in phase 3 and you get a kill

Our setup was 2 Mages, Surv Hunter, Disc Priest, Holy and Prot Paladin, Prot warrior, Balance druid, Demo warlock and Elemental Shaman.

Our group was not optimized to give the best possible dps, and we had 1 minute left on enrage timer using only 1 heroism/bloodlust. We did however get our warlock grabbed on 1 of the valkyrs so it saved us a bit of time.

Lich King Heroic is easy and now as I got it I am safe to say its a scrub title! Come on guys, get 9 friends and go do it!



    lol nice post, glad to hear success.

  2. Damn, nice. Wish I had Bane. *Sigh* Grats though!