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Friday, August 13, 2010

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome and nice to see you found the way to my blog!

I'm new to blogging so it will look really shit in the first few weeks but I will keep adding new things as well as modifying the site to make it look better. My Goal with this blog is to make it enjoyable to read.

As a start of my blog I can tell you about future content which will be about things I'm interested in as well as making my opinions more public.

Video gaming, fishing, football, friends, politics, studies, music, oh did I mention video games? And whatever will take part of my life in the following months and hopefully years to come.

There might also be video blogs and more pictures to see in the future blog but I’m very limited on equipment at the moment so I can’t really offer anything more than my writing and whatever photos I can make without a camera.

Again, thanks for stepping by and come visit my blog again real soon!

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