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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ding! But then again who care...

Hunter x2, Paladin x2, Rogue, Deathknight, Druid, Warlock and now a warrior at lvl 80!

I got realy inspired to level my warrior seeing the crazy damage fury warriors are doing in icc. Now the grind for some heavy gear starts which is gonna be a long ride and i only had the patience to gear my paladin alt in this expansion. the rest have mediocre gear, t9 and free shit like that.

I'm looking forward to play the warrior class with some gear, I will do booth pvp and pve so i better start farming gear!

Update inc soon

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Beating me down

The last 2 days I had tons of stuff to do! I was fishing, getting some tan, moved into a new room and met some old friends as well as I was raiding in the evenings, can’t give up on world of warcraft!

Friends asked me how the sc2 gaming went and I haven’t played it for a week. It isn’t like me at all, I usually get a game and complete it in 2 days but I much rather do other things then gaming lately, I’m sure I will be cured for this need of real life soon!

Ofc the first thing I moved to my new room was my computer and Internet connection; I’m 100% online and ready for some gaming. I also have a song and a southpark episode I would like to share with you!

Episode first!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Warm Sundays

I'm burning up today; kind of feel sorry for people living in warmer countries
At least I have a good excuse to eat all the ice cream I want and drink ice tea!

I promised you my opinion of The Boondock Saints II and I can honestly say it was quite ok. I loved the story but I think the action scenes could have been better and I didn’t have the feeling it was very real but definitely worth the time it took watching it

I rate it 3.5/6 - Make the fighting scenes and the story better for more points!

Speaking about real, I usually hate rap but Eminem is one of the few people that turns rap into music and I’d like to give you a link to one of his amazing songs

Tomorrow I will fish and move some furniture at home. Stay tuned!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Saturday gaming

I tried fixing the site to make it look better today but I was listening to and I ended up on the floor playing air guitar

The evening is reserved to play Sc2 campaign and maybe throw in some world of warcraft if I feel for it, a nice and quiet saturday evening

I got a new movie I have never seen before as well, it’s called The Boondock Saints II – All saints day
You will have my opinion tomorrow!

I have seen all the southpark episodes like 4 times the last year, I wish they would publish episodes faster, it’s not it takes a lot of creativity for a southpark episode, they just reflect on our world and put some of their crazy shit here and there and voila, you have Southpark
I hate family guy, i really do. And Simpsons is not crazy enough for my taste

Friday, August 13, 2010

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome and nice to see you found the way to my blog!

I'm new to blogging so it will look really shit in the first few weeks but I will keep adding new things as well as modifying the site to make it look better. My Goal with this blog is to make it enjoyable to read.

As a start of my blog I can tell you about future content which will be about things I'm interested in as well as making my opinions more public.

Video gaming, fishing, football, friends, politics, studies, music, oh did I mention video games? And whatever will take part of my life in the following months and hopefully years to come.

There might also be video blogs and more pictures to see in the future blog but I’m very limited on equipment at the moment so I can’t really offer anything more than my writing and whatever photos I can make without a camera.

Again, thanks for stepping by and come visit my blog again real soon!